Parent and Child Spaces Available!

We have spaces available across the week in our Parent and Child lessons (0-3 years).


Lessons across the week:

Parent & Baby, Toddlers and Stage 1 – beginners


We have spaces in AFTERNOON lessons between 1:30pm and 3pm.

AFTER SCHOOL AND SATURDAYS are currently full.


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School holiday Intensive Courses


We are running intensive courses between 9am-12pm

OCTOBER 2020 – Monday 26th to Friday 30th


Please contact the office to book your child on the course.


Lovely feedback from a parent from Intensive Course 

“Just wanted to give some feedback on the half term course my children attended this week. They loved the classes and have improved so much over the five days. Claire has increased their confidence in the water and it is the first time they have actually enjoyed swimming lessons. Claire was wonderful with giving directions to them and encouraging them throughout the week.”


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PABA - Parent And Baby Aquafit


The aqua based 30 minute workout program is designed to improve parents’ fitness and introduce babies to the water.

Course will be 6 weeks at £45,

Running weekday mornings – Tuesday and Wednesday mornings


Contact the office to REGISTER 


Parent And Baby Aquafit

6 week course – 30 minute sessions – £45

Running weekday mornings – Tuesday and Wednesday


Monday evening – 6.30 pm to 7.15 pm

Wednesday lunchtime – 12.15am to 1pm


TERM starts Tuesday 1st September ends Saturday 12th December

HALF TERM – Monday 26th October – Friday 30th October

Intensive courses running in school holidays for ages 3+

4 x 30 minute sessions

Between 9 am and 12 pm 

OCTOBER Intensive Mon 26th – Fri 30th

Contact us now to book your space for 

Parent and Baby – morning

Pre-school children – morning

School children – after school 


Lessons across the week

Monday – Saturday

for all ages and abilities in our private heated pools.

Benefits of swimming

Swimming is a life skill that has physical and mental health benefits and advantages throughout life and provides an excellent, whole body, low impact, physical workout, strengthening heart, lungs and respiratory system.

Exercise releases endorphins, the natural feel-good hormones that make us feel positive and happy and aid mental wellbeing.

Regular swimming often improves eating and regular sleeping patterns.

 What are the benefits of taking your toddler swimming?

Learning to respond to key words can make your child sharper mentally, increase levels of awareness and understanding and improve communication between you

Learning vital personal survival skills

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Developing discipline and confidence around water

Meeting new friends and having lots of fun, aids development of social skills.

Swimming facilitates development of crucial higher brain functions, core muscles and co-ordination often seeing earlier development than non-swimming peers

 How does swimming benefit your baby and you?

Baby swimming is a valuable life skill that is a fun and rewarding experience that helps build the bond between you and your baby as it centres on trust.

The first year of a life is crucial in terms of a baby’s development. The brain grows rapidly during this year. Regular exercise plays a vital role in development with every movement they make helping to strengthen their brain for new learning.

Baby swimming is completely natural. By introducing your baby to swimming from a young age you are starting them on a habit that will last a lifetime and teaching them an important and potentially life-saving skill.

Many parents comment that the combination of gentle exercise and warm water helps their babies to sleep better and stimulates their appetites too.