Terms and Conditions

All swimmers and those responsible for swimmers, must adhere to the following terms and conditions.


Full payment is required upon enrolment.

A place cannot be confirmed unless payment has been paid.

A Direct Bank Transfer is our preferred method of payment. We now have the facility to accept all major debit and credit cards over the phone or in person at the premises please contact the office for details.


No refund can be given for cancellation once the course has started.

Puffins Swim School reserves the right to change or cancel a course at any time.

Lessons cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, problems with the swimming pools or teaching staff will be re-arranged at a later date where possible if not a credit will be placed on your next term fees.

If an instructor is unwell or cannot attend a session, Puffins Swim School will endeavour to provide a cover teacher.

Refunds will not be applicable for any swimmers unable to attend the alternative lesson offered.


You Must NOT attend swimming lessons if you/your child or any member of your family have a new continuous cough, temperature or loss of taste and smell. If you have tested positive for coronavirus in the last 7 days and have been to the Puffins building for any reason please notify us by emailing info@puffins-swimschool.co.uk or filling in the form on our website.

Puffins Swim School must be informed of any new medical conditions or learning disabilities as early as possible.

The swimming pool should not be used by persons who have sickness or diarrhoea until 64 hours after the symptoms have stopped.

If your child has had Chicken Pox we only allow children to swim after all the scabs have come away from their skin.

Verruca’s – If your child has a verruca please make sure this is covered while they are in the pool building and in the pool.


Swimming hats are to be worn by all pupils over the age of 2 years and where necessary hair should be tied back.

Pupils should not enter the pool until requested to do so by their teacher.

We will not be able to offer any swimmer the use of spare hats or goggles if they do not have these items they will not be able to join the swimming lesson.

We are operating a one way system that everybody needs to adhere to.

All adults entering the building must wear a face mask.

No jewellery to be worn in the pool.

No diving, bombing, ducking, somersaults or backflips.

Continued disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.  A verbal warning will be given followed by a request that the child sits out of the class for a stated period.  If the behaviour persists the child may be excluded from the class.

No Running on poolside

No food to be consumed poolside or in the changing rooms.

Only one parent/guardian plus a sibling is allowed in the viewing gallery.

Children in the spectator area, who are not in the water, must be well supervised by parents at all times and not be allowed to wander around the swimming pool building or the grounds of the Crawley Garden Centre.

We operate a Zero tolerance policy on violence towards members of staff; under no circumstances is violence or abusive behaviour towards any member of staff from parents/carers considered acceptable. We reserve the right to remove any person who is abusive or violent from the premises.

Talcum powder IS NOT ALLOWED in the changing room areas.

Shoes must be removed in the entrance lobby and put in your bag before going into the pool building.

There are no showers on site


Puffins Swim School does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss of property or articles left on the premises.


In the event of an emergency the person in charge will blow three blasts on a whistle. All swimmers and spectators will immediately stop what they are doing and wait quietly for further instructions.

Should it be necessary to clear the pool, when the instruction is given, all swimmers will move to the sides of the pool, leave the water and stand back from the side. Swimmers will remain standing at all times.

If it is necessary to evacuate the building no attempt should be made to recover possessions from the changing rooms or anywhere else within the building. The person in charge will direct you to the evacuation point.


No prams or pushchairs are allowed in the building. To the left of the entrance to the Puffins building we have provided a shed that all prams and pushchairs are to be left in while attending your lessons.


Puffins are open 9am-6.30pm Monday – Friday and 8am-5pm on a Saturday. We are closed on Sundays.

Crawley Garden Centre operate different times to ourselves the Summer store operating times are 9am-5.30pm Winter times are 9.00am-5.00pm anyone attending lessons outside these times should gain access to Puffins through the Delivery Gates which are to the right of the stores main doors.





Puffins Swim School Ltd holds the name, address and contact information on its members and the parents/guardians responsible for these members. The Swim School also holds medical information and swimming assessment data, this information is used solely for the business of the school as a teaching swimming organisation and is not shared with any third party. If any additional use of the information held would require written permission of the member. We will only contact you regarding affairs to do with swimming such as pool closures, enrolments, newsletters, class times, intensive courses, payment reminders and to discuss a child’s progress. We never use your information for marketing purposes or share with third parties.

When making online purchases Puffins Swim School with credit/debit cards. We use third party specialist secure card processing provider when taking payments. Puffins Swim School does not hold your card details.

Puffins Swim School has an ICO certificate- ICO membership reference number ZA461950

Changing room policy for Puffins Swim School.

For the safeguarding of children; Puffins Swim School follow swim Englands guidelines.

Swim England Changing room policy:

Parents should not be in the changing room while their swmmers are changing, unless the swimmer is of an age where help is required from parents of the swimmer or requires additional specific assistance.  This generally is 7 years of age.  In such circumstances the parent must be the same gender as the child, unless the facility has family facilities or a ‘mixed changing village’.

At Puffins Swim School we are aware that this is not always feasible and often there are mums that bring their sons and dads bring their daughters. Often children younger than 7 are able to change themselves, but for those that need assistance our policy is that the sex of the changing room that should be used when a child needs help in getting changed is of the same sex as the parent/adult that is helping. ie, a mum helping her son should be using the female changing rooms and a dad helping his daughter should be using the male changing rooms.  for the safeguarding of children we ask that children do not get changed on poolside or in the viewing gallery of in front of others.

Thank you


Parent and baby operational process in relation to Covid -19 staying safe government guidelines

Classes have been reduced to 6 x Parent and child

Teachers will teach from the side of the pool wearing a face shield.

Facemasks are not required to be worn in the water.

Facemasks are required to be worn in changing rooms and around the building.

Face shields may be worn in the pool – this optional not compulsory.

Nursery rhymes will be played rather than sung.

Toys will be cleaned in solution overnight – Chlorine in the pools also deactivates the virus with 15-30 seconds. All toys will be submerged in the pools after each lesson. Please discourage your child from putting toys in their mouth.

Nappies MUST NOT be left on site. They MUST BE put in a nappy sack and taken away with parents when they leave.

A playpen will not be supplied as per government guidelines.

Parents must now bring their own changing mats. Puffins cannot supply these for general use.

Adults (not babies) are requested to turn up swim ready, (swimwear under clothing).

Babies and toddlers are not expected to leave without being fully dressed.


All Parent and Toddler children who have turned 3 years old will spend another term in the same class with their parent. This is for the benefit of the child’s well-being after not swimming for 5 months. Teachers will constantly review over the term to make a smooth transition to lone swimming.

Puffins will adhere to government guidelines and will relax processes in accordance with these.

Operational Procedures – July 2020

Pupils should not arrive at the Pools until 5 minutes before their lesson and should come swim ready. Meaning they are to have their swimming costume already on with a onesie or hooded towel poncho over the top. We would also encourage our clients to leave the pools after swimming after dried in a onesie or again a hooded towel poncho.

Please shower before you come to the pools.

There is a hand sanitiser station situated outside the front door and this is to be used before entering the building.

There are now two sinks in the changing room, and please can you make sure you wash your hands after going to the toilet.

If your child is  7 years old or over they are to be left at the door to enter the changing rooms on their own to get ready for the lesson. Clients should enter the building one at a time to avoid any cluster points.

On entering the building shoes should be taken off and put in the child’s/adult’s bag and taken into the changing room with them. Each changing room will be clearly marked with a cross as to where the customer should get changed to observe social distancing guidelines. We also need to encourage everyone to stand facing the walls where possible whilst getting changed. All clothing should be put in your swim bag and then hung on the pegs.

Any adults who enter the premises must always wear a face mask while in the building and remove their shoes keeping them in a bag with them.

We are operating a one-way system at Puffins and this will be explained to everybody via a video which will be put on face book and will also be available to watch on our website. All customers will now be leaving the premises through the fire exit and there is a hand sanitiser station near the door which is to be used before exiting the building. This is also the point that parents should be waiting after their child’s lesson has finished and we would ask parents to observe any social distances guidelines that are in place.

We appreciate that parents will want to see their children swim and the best way for us to achieve this is for you to communicate with the other parents within your child’s lesson and sort out a rota of when you can observe the lesson. Each pool must not have more than 6 parents/guardians per half hour in the viewing gallery and again all adults are to be wearing a mask. We are only allowing 1  sibling in the viewing gallery at this time but will always be reassessing our procedures in line with Government Guidelines.

We will have a member of staff meeting and greeting to assist our clients for the first few weeks to help guide you through our new systems.

The lost property box is not allowed to be used in this climate so will be taken away, any items left at the pools that can be disinfected overnight will be, and parents are to collect within 24 hours otherwise unfortunately we have to dispose of the garments left after 72 hours.  We are unable to allow our customers to borrow goggles/towels or spare swimming costumes at this present time.

Please bring your own changing mats to Parent and Child lessons and due to government guidelines we have had to remove the baby play pen for the foreseeable future.

We also cannot allow any child to bring their own equipment from home.

No adult is allowed on poolside.

Where possible teachers will be teaching from the side, but our priority is the safety of the children so will be in the water when necessary  to be able to teach them in safe and fun manner.

We have a Covid Officer in place at Puffins her name is Clare Webb and she will be keeping me up to date with any changes we need to make. Any swimmer who lives with a family member who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 must inform Puffins immediately so contact tracing can take place. Any calls of this nature will be confidential.

It is SO IMPORTANT that if anyone who has a new persistent cough, temperature or loss of taste and smell must not swim for 14 days, this also applies if you are living with a family member who is presenting these symptoms.

If you have any questions or concerns Clare can be emailed at clare@puffins-swimschool.co.uk all communication is strictly confidential and we will aim to respond to you within 48 hours.